Unlike other religions, Biblical Christianity is not based on God keeping score of your good deeds versus your bad ones where the ultimate hope is to earn enough credit to be deserving of a heavenly afterlife.

To the contrary, the Bible declares that no one is capable of attaining that heavenly afterlife by their own merit. In fact, it says that even the best things that anyone has or could ever do, are a wretched stench in the nostrils of God.

So herein lies the dilemma. We hoped that our goodness would outweigh our bad, thinking that this was the prerequisite to enter into heaven, but in fact, the problem is way beyond what we initially thought.

The reality is that we are sinners at the core of our being.  This point can be simply proven by the fact that everyone, including you and I, have told lies, have been angry with people, have disobeyed our parents…  need we say more? So in order to have a proper understanding of who you are, you must first get to know who God really is and how He describes himself.  Are you ready to have your eyes opened?

A proper understanding of what God Almighty requires from us in order to enter His presence can be found in this foundational teaching called "Hell's Best Kept Secret".

Are you a Christian that loves certain sins? You keep asking God to forgive you, hoping that He will absolve you. "True & False Conversions" is the video for you.

Believing In The Right GOD